The Wedding Reception – Entertaining Your Guests |

In any wedding celebration, the bride and the groom are the two most excited people. Oftentimes, the attendees who are usually the closest family and friends of the couple are looking forward for something else. Yes, the people attending the wedding are probably more interested in the wedding reception after all the ceremony than anything else.It has always been a tradition for any wedding to have a little celebration after the ceremonies. Usually, there will be some food and maybe small talk from the people closest to the couple. There will be some well wishing and a few trivia here and there either about the bride or the groom. And then, after all the food and the chit-chat, a seemingly unlimited flow of alcohol and good music follows to dance the first night of married life away.However, setting up a wedding reception is not as easy as we sometimes wish it would be. There are some important considerations to take note of before you can successfully plan the perfect entertainment for after the wedding.First and foremost, what type of music do you and your partner, the main attractions to the festivities, enjoy listening to? If the couple loves listening to love songs, then hiring a female singer may work best for you. However, if heavy metal is your preferred music, it might not be suitable to have for a wedding reception. Instead, you can get an alternative rock band who can play covers of well known songs.Next, what is the venue of your wedding reception? Will it be in an open air ground with dim mood lighting, or will it be in a hotel ballroom? Usually, couples who choose to have an open air reception opt for live bands to entertain the guests and those who choose a hotel reception normally go for ballad or jazz singers.Another option for a wedding reception, if both of you are not really that much of music lovers, is to have some sort of games for the wedding. Say for example, whoever could give the best trivia about the couple wins a prize or prepare facts and fallacies about the couple and ask the guests to identify if they are true or not. Whoever gets the most number of correct answers wins.A flashback also works as nice entertainment for a wedding party. The friends or family members can collect pictures and videos of the couple before their marriage and come up with a short video of it. Messages from various people, even ex-partners, are also entertaining if the bride and groom are okay about it.There are quite a number of options for the couple when it comes to entertainment during the wedding reception. For other tried and tested ideas, it would be best to consult professional wedding coordinators. However, the married couple is not limited to the tried and tested entertainment options. Rather, they can use their imagination and come up with entertainment that is tailor-fit to their personalities.