Art and Entertainment in the Dark Ages |

The life of the people from middle ages had a big impression of many severe issues. This time period was considered to be a miserable time in history, especially for the agricultural labor class man. That was a time of courageous fearless rulers. The kings and their stunning castles bear command over the countryside. The beauty of these places had continuously drawn visitors from across the globe. Despite of the fact that it had been a tough time for common man, several entertaining arts flowed through the medieval era. Irrespective of the basic living difference between rich and poor, everybody knew the significance of amusement and enjoyed taking a pause from the boredom, when required.The entertainments were in a varied form. Entertainment sessions are often held at the courtyards of riches, especially the kings and queens. The citizens gathered over here from all over to enjoy the arts performances before them.The activities comprised of games, sports, music and dance with special attraction for dramatic plays. The new artistic talents received a platform at these places. Entertainment rained at these places with the performances of many Musicians, singers and story tellers.Along with unique dancing performances by jesters, the musicians often composed love songs with dramas based on historical events and religious themes to entertain the masses. These interesting activities full of art and entertainment fascinated audiences of all class and age groups. Competitions for indoors such as chess and knuckle bones were held but if some have interest in outdoors, they had a choice to opt for horse riding and wrestling as a player or as a spectator. There were long running tournaments also. It constituted of severe thrilling games like sword-fight or bull-fight. Everybody had their part of fun and enjoyment cheering for their loved participants.Even the priests and nobleman at churches were into singing folks and hymn at specific religious occasions. The sessions were built-in and enjoyed by all. A ceremonial dinner party is also organized for many people time to time.Despite of the fact, the medieval era is known as Dark Ages, it had great arts nourishing within its crust which helped the generation of that era to tie together. Apart of huge difference between lifestyle of rich and poor, the attitude towards – the enjoyment of arts, and, joy and relaxation from entertainment, was invariable for both.